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We at Ensavior promote concepts and products which to a large extent address the issue of energy efficiency and indoor air quality. Our strategic tie-ups with Xylem, Aeropure and Flowcon International form a well mix of products that cater to the need of the hour

We engage with the project right from the conceptualization stage and thereby facilitate right selection, optimum design and implementation of most energy efficient products

Besides that we ensure on site job trainings to project managers, facility managers and operators so that the systems are operated in most efficient and simplest manner

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We fully realize that no relationship can endure for long unless it is built upon complete transparency. Therefore, we engage only in transactions that benefit all whom they affect. We succeed by attracting ourselves to positive forces that bring towards us the co-operation of other like-minded people.

We induce others to serve us because of our willingness to serve others. We cause others to believe in us, because we believe in them and in ourselves.

  • Hight Quality & Perfection

  • Energy Efficient Products

  • Comprehensive Solutions

  • Good Indoor Air Quality

  • Green Building Benefits

  • Fire Protection System


Product / Services

Xylem End Suction pumps construction is relatively simple as is the operation. It can range from tiny flows and pressures to huge flows and moderate pressures.

Pressure Independent Control Valves or Pressure Independent Balancing and Control Valves – also commonly known as PICVs are getting more and more popular

The cooling towers are used the processes and cooling of the machine in many industries, and air conditioning of buildings etc.

‘In Ice Based Thermal Energy Storage System’, the storage tank is filled with ice balls which are almost filled with water. The tank is partially filled with glycol plus water mixture (brine solution).

The PHI-Plus Cell has been designed to effectively reduce the odours, air pollutants, VOCs, smoke, mold, bacteria and viruses from the moving air in AHUs and inside the air-ducts.

HVAC Industry requires a wide variety of Gas Detection needs. We have partnered with a American Company called MSA. The Safety Company to cater to this requirement with their products


The Solar Hybrid Airconditioning, renewable cooling is a method of adding pressure & heat to the refrigeration cycle which results in a decreased/displaced compressor workload, saving energy


Message From Founder

Ensavior is working towards creating livable environment-friendly work and personal
spaces. The buildings significantly impact the environment and are one of the largest users of energy, resources, and water. Sustainable building approaches have the potential to make a valuable contribution to sustainable development. As sustainability becomes a growing concern in all business sectors, Ensavior is commitied to promoting products and services that prioritize saving energy and the environment with a focus on economic, environmental, and social sustainability.

Ensavior has established enduring relationships with major contractors and corporate entites, contributing to the creation of various facilities across the Indian sub-continent, including airports, office complexes, IT parks, malls and more. Our highly competent and experienced team of professionals are passionate about their work and are guided by the company's values and ethos to think, advise, engage, and deliver better.

Dinesh Semwal
Managing Director & CEO
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Product Brochure

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