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Who we are

Ensuring Quality, Retaining Trust

Ensavior was founded on the belief that the smarter and healthier buildings require high-performance engineering solutions which stem from adopting best engineering practices and promoting products and services in environmentally responsible ways.

We combine state-of-the-art products and professional engineering expertise with a special emphasis on Economic, Environmental and Social Sustainability to exceed our customer’s expectations and provide them with fast, thorough and innovative solutions.

Ensavior is a full-service Design, Engineering, Sales and Maintenance firm providing various services in Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning (HVAC), Public Health Engineering (PHE), Fire. These services include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Pumps for HVAC, Plumbing, Fire
  2. Pressure Maintaining System
  3. Automatic Balancing & PICV Valves
  4. Customised Air Purification
  5. Gas Phase Filtration System
  6. Ultra Violet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) System
  7. Electrostatic Precipitation System;
  8. HVAC Sensors & Transducers.
  9. Gas Leak Detection Systems
  10. Thermal Energy Storage System;
  11. Water Filtration for Suspended Solids
  12. Electrolytic Scale Treatment (EST) System for Dissolved Salts
  13. Condenser Cleaning System (Automatic Tube Cleaning System)
  14. Deaeration System

We engage in the project right from the conceptualization stage and thereby help in right selection, optimum design and implementation of most energy-efficient products. Besides that, we ensure on-site job training to project managers, facility managers and operators so that the systems are operated in most efficient and simplest manner. Based on the needs of the project, we also undertake the operation and maintenance of the system for which we have back up of spare parts and trained manpower.

For us, every project is a golden opportunity for continuous improvement and swift growth. This results in maximum cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity for our customers. Realizing the rapid pace of new innovative product solutions reaching the marketplace, and ever-changing National Code revisions and requirements, we take pride in educating and training of our staff to offer our customers the latest in safety, convenience, and improvements.

At Ensavior, we firmly believe that the more you engage with customers, the clearer things become and it is easier to cater to their requirements. We have awell-established track record, and our services have always met with excellent customer satisfaction. It is our constant endeavor to make every aspect of the customer’s requirement a little bit better since we know when a customer comes first, the relationship lasts.

Values Propositions


The momentous success of Ensavior is credited to the principles and values rooted in the heart of everyone who forms a significant part of the organization. The employees and senior management always come together to build a working culture that appreciates honesty, trust, integrity, and mutual respect. We have unshakable faith in teamwork and professionalism which also has served as the main contributing force behind the successful completion of all our projects. Fulfillment of all the commitments and promises made to our clients is the mantra of achieving excellence and client satisfaction throughout our journey.

Surely, the business success rests heavily on the dedication and talent of the employees and Ensavior is a pre-eminent example of this belief. Every employee is provided with all his human and employee rights along with an appreciation of every small or big contribution that he makes for our organization. We never miss an opportunity to promote and nurture their talents and fuel their personal and professional growth so that all the individual goals as well as business objectives are impressively achieved.

Offering them a multitude of opportunities to grow, we encourage all our employees to pursue their education and frequently organize training sessions to educate them on how to serve clients in a better and competent manner, how to assist them in resolving their issues, and how to customize our services best suited for them.

High Performance Engineering Solutions


We fully realize that no relationship can endure for long unless it is built upon complete transparency. Therefore, we engage only in transactions that benefit all whom they affect. We succeed by attracting ourselves to positive forces that bring towards us the co-operation of other like-minded people.

We induce others to serve us because of our willingness to serve others. We cause others to believe in us, because we believe in them and in ourselves.


Our employees share a set core of values of honesty, integrity and respect for others.

We also firmly believe in the fundamental importance of trust, open-ness, teamwork, professionalism and pride in what we do.

We recognize that commercial success depends on the full commitment of all employees and respect the human rights of employees. We, to that extent, provide them with good and safe working conditions and competitive terms and conditions of employment.

We promote the development and best use of talents of our employees and create an inclusive work environment where every employee has an equal opportunity to develop his or her skills and talents.


It is our constant endeavor to make every aspect of the customer requirement a little bit better, since we know when customer comes first, the customer lasts.


Dear friends,

Ensavior is working towards creating livable environment-friendly work and personal spaces. The buildings significantly impact the environment and are one of the largest users of energy, resources, and water. Sustainable building approaches have the potential to make a valuable contribution to sustainable development. As sustainability becomes a growing concern in all business sectors, Ensavior is committed to promoting products and services that prioritize saving energy and the environment with a focus on economic, environmental, and social sustainability.

Ensavior has established enduring relationships with major contractors and corporate entities, contributing to the creation of various facilities across the Indian sub-continent, including airports, office complexes, IT parks, malls and more. Our highly competent and experienced team of professionals are passionate about their work and are guided by the company's values and ethos to think, advise, engage, and deliver better.

Best Regards
Dinesh Semwal

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