Xylem is a premium application solutions company dedicated exclusively to solving customer’s most challenging water problems. It was formed by ITT Corporation’s spin-off of several strategic business segments in October 2011, namely the Water & Waste Water, Residential & Commercial Water, Analytics and Flow Control business.

Xylem’s trusted, industry-leading, residential and commercial, brands offer a complete range of pumps, boosters, drives, valves, controllers, water systems, and other solutions for numerous applications in the following segments:

  1. Agricultural & Landscaping
  2. Building Systems
  3. Industrial Water
  4. Public Utility Water Systems


Aeropure is focused on delivering solutions for indoor air quality and power saving, based on ultra violet germicidal irradiation technology to the Indian and international markets, with wide ranging applications in indoor air quality, energy conservation in air conditioning systems and germicidal disinfection of indoor air and surfaces.

Aeropure is based in Pune, India, a sister concern of Arklite Speciality Lamps Ltd. Arklite is an internationally renowned, ISO 9001-2008 certified, Indian manufacturer and exporter of UV lamps since 1996.

FlowCon International

It all began back in the mid '80s with a brilliant idea. Since then FlowCon invented the PICV concept (Pressure Independent Control Valve concept) and introduced the world’s first PICV in 1994. Ever since we have introduced new and easy-to-use solutions and today FlowCon holds the largest install-base of dynamic pressure independent valves with more than 10 million valves in operation in over 60 countries around the world. FlowCon is truly a significant world market player with own offices in the Denmark, USA (California), Singapore, Dubai and China (Shanghai) and includes FlowCon IVC and Griswold Controls as FlowCon Group members.

FlowCon has always been appreciated as an innovative leader on the dynamic balancing market. We are specialized in dynamic applications and are constantly developing and improving solutions in response to market demands. With our direct focus on development of new products and further development of the current product range, we are continuously able to offer our customers the best products matching their application.

Greystone Energy Systems Inc.

Greystone Energy Systems Inc.

Greystone Energy Systems Inc. was founded in 1983 and Headquartered in Moncton, NB. Greystone has over 30 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and supplying HVAC sensors and transmitters for Building Automation Management Systems.

Greystone Energy Systems Inc. is internationally recognized as one of the largest ISO registered manufacturers of HVAC sensors and transducers for Building Automation Management Systems.

The Company’s vision is to design and manufacture a wide range of products for sensing measurement and transmittal of data related to temperature, humidity, pressure, current, air quality and hazardous gases. This vision is being realized through their continued quest to advance the state of the industry through research and development.


Established in 1914, MSA Safety Incorporated is the global leader in the development, manufacture and supply of safety products that protect people and facility infrastructures.

HVAC Industry requires a wide variety of Gas Detection needs. We have partnered with an MSA The Safety Company to cater to this requirement with their products built with high-precision technology that enables personnel to work safely within the environment, thereby monitoring toxic gases, oxygen enrichment, and deficiency and combustible gases.

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