Solar Hybrid Airconditioning

The Solar Hybrid Airconditioning, renewable cooling is a method of adding pressure and heat to the refrigeration cycle which results in a decreased/displaced compressor workload, saving energy.

This hybrid-thermal approach displaces a portion of the mechanical energy used by variable capacity, multi-stage, and variable speed compressors, which keeps the compressor in low stage, low range or low capacity, while delivering full and part-load cooling requirements. This effect creates significant energy savings.

The system harnesses the sun’s energy by reflecting the light on parabolic mirrored concentrators. The light is focused on a copper pipe that is coated with specialized absorption paint. This concentrated parabolic array allows for a larger harvesting of energy with a smaller footprint.

At the top of the panel resides a photo-tracking eye that keeps the parabolas pointed at the sun, and rotate through-out the day. With built-in sensors and controls, the panel will maintain preset temperature bands, and will rotate out of the sun once max temperature is reached. The panel will then modulate the parabolas to maintain the temperature throughout the day, delivering consistent and regulated energy.

Solar Hybrid Airconditioning

The hot refrigerant gas from the compressor is connected to the top inlet of the Thermal Panel. Heat and pressure are added to the refrigerant, generated by the sun and the heated/pressurized refrigerant is returned from the panel outlet to the HVAC units’ condenser.

The Thermal Panel works with multi-stage, variable speed, and variable capacity compressors and single speed compressors with Variable Frequency Drives

  1. VRF outdoor of any brand has 2 valves, which is modified to 4 valves to include the Thermal Panel in the closed loop system
  2. Each Thermal Panel has capacity of 10 HP (size: 8 x 4 ft.)
  3. Multiple panels are connected in series for 20, 30, etc. HP outdoor unit

Thermal Panel – Benefits

  1. Thermal Panel Saves 25% to 40% Electricity - Air Conditioning accounts for ~60% of a Commercial Buildings monthly cost. Saving ~40% every month will amount to a huge drop in monthly spends.
  2. Life of Panel is 15+ years, with an attractive ROI
  3. ~1100 % more space efficient when compared to PV Panels - The Thermal Panel takes ~32 sq ft of space saving ~3,500 watts while a same sized PV Panel will save just ~200 watts
  4. 5 Year Warranty on the Thermal Panel - Provided by manufacturing defects
  5. Supported with Spares by Majority of Indian AC Manufacturers.
  6. Life of the HVAC System is Improved- Since the Thermal Panel is doing the work of the compressor, it always runs on partial load. This reduced RPM in the long run results in enhanced life of the machine
  7. 25% to 40% Improvement in COP in Any VRF AC - Resulting in COP greater than 6 when used with VRF ACs of any brand
  8. Higher Performance during summers- Since the refrigerant gas is further heated, there is higher discharge of heat in the condenser even during high ambient temperatures leading to improved cooling
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