Stera Dry Scrub

Ensavior’ s Stera Dry Scrub has been specifically designed and manufactured with latest technology with standards for kitchen extract system which an ideal solution for removing oil, smoke, grease, mist and fly ash from commercial cooking plumes keeping pressure drop as minimal and are user friendly, efficient and maintenance friendly. Prefilter, Electrostatic Cell and optional postfilter are placed in series within an all-metal housing. Contaminated air is drawn by the blower (external) through washable metal mesh pre-filter which traps large dust particles.

Thereafter it passes through Electrostatic cell which traps fine particulate matter like oil, smoke and grease, and exits through Postfilter. The solid contaminants are held on electrostatic cell until they are washed off. Liquid contaminants are collected in the bottom tray and can be drained out. The Internal cells can be slide out through side access door for periodic cleaning. Control Panel is mounted on side access door which houses all Electrical components.

As the contaminated air enters the Prefilter stage, the particles pass through a high intensity electrical field in the ionizer stage and gets energised with high DC electric field. These energised particles along with air enters to a series of alternately charged collector plates and gets attracted to the grounded collector plates due to the repel action by positive plates. There are 5 different models available for 2100CFM, 4200CFM, 6300CFM, 8400CFM and 10500CFM.

The system controls smoke and odours by effectively removing both liquid and solid particulate, as well as gases. It has been designed to keep preventive and operative fire safety norms of NFPA 96 standards for kitchen exhaust. It has got very low-pressure drop-in comparison to media and cartridge filter, thereby saving fan energy.

It has been Designed for easy serviceability, like -Weldless/Jointless 50 mm deep Drain Pan and easy access to control panel etc.

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