SteraStic is intended for use in disinfecting surfaces in hard-to-reach areas as well as high touch surfaces requiring frequent disinfection. The unit consists of a UV-C lamp and Electronic Ballast, mounted in a specially designed chamber Lamps are instant starting and provide the utmost in quality, sustained output, and longevity. Electronic ballast with pre heat starts for the operation of ultraviolet lamps are lightweight, efficient, and operate cool for longer life. Insert the plug into the power supply. Ensure that earthing is available to the unit.

Switch on the unit, switch lamp will illuminate indicating that the unit is working. Hold the unit as close to the surface (not more than 150mm) to be disinfected, lamp should be facing the surface. Move the unit slowly (duration of more than 2 seconds) over the surface for UV light to disinfect the surface. Just a caution for operator: he or she must put on PPE kit and UV protected glass for avoiding direct Exposure to UV-C energy as it can cause eye and skin damage.

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