FlowCon Green DN40-50

Principle Of Operation


  1. Pressure independent control valves (PICV).
  2. Total authority.
  3. Choice of actuator, electrical actuators: 24V 0(2)-10V modulating, 24V digital 2-position or 3-point-floating.
  4. Adjustable to 41 different maximum flow rate limits.
  5. Forged brass housing.
  6. Optional pressure/temperature plugs.
  7. Fixed female-by-female threaded.
  8. Sizes: Green.3: 40-50mm (1½”-2″)
    dP-range: 16-400 kPaD (2.3-58 psid).
  9. Flow rate: 0.528-3.79 l/sec (8.36-60.0 GPM).


  • Total authority
  • Pressure independent control valves

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