Case Studies
Pumping solution for HVAC application in Datacenter

Powering the Future of Datacenters with Energy-efficient Pumping Solutions
Provide efficient pumping solution for the HVAC system in Datacenter located at Mumbai.


  1. 1510 end suction pumps
  2. GLC Vertical Inline Single Stage Pumps
  3. Fixed speed Hydro pneumatics booster sets
  4. Powersav Variable speed control panels
  5. Expansion Tanks


  1. Reduced energy consumption
  2. Reduced CO2 emissions
  3. Increase the overall performance of the chilled water HVAC systems

Datacenters consume huge amounts of power, which requires energy-efficient design that can save money and reduce power consumption. The energy requirement of a datacenter is derived from the powering of servers, which generates a lot of heat and necessitates continual cooling for the datacenter to work properly, which is another power-intensive activity. Energy-efficient datacenters are more sustainable and reduce CO2 emissions.

Amazon cloud computing datacenter in Mumbai was looking for energy-efficient pumps for its chilled water system.

Solution Implemented
Ensavior, the leading solution provider in air and water solutions, along with its Principal partner Xylem supplied B&G 1510 end-suction pump, GLC vertical single-stage in-line pump, and fixed-speed hydro pneumatic booster set for chilled water HVAC applications to Amazon’s data centre in Mumbai.

These pumps were shortlisted and deployed due to their performance and efficiency. These pumps are easy to install, provide extended pump life, offer optimized hydraulic performance, and reduce maintenance time and costs.

Based on a space-saving design, Xylem’s B&G Powersav variable speed control panel was also provided for reliable operation and easy installation. Expansion tanks were also supplied as part of the project that are designed to absorb the water expansion pressure of heating and cooling systems while ensuring correct system pressure under various operating conditions.

The energy-efficient pumping system installed was technologically advanced to improve the overall efficiency of the datacenter and helped optimize cooling by optimizing the flow rate and pressure drop of the chilled water distribution system in HVAC application.

Ensavior along with its partnership with Xylem demonstrated their expertise and commitment to
providing innovative and sustainable solutions to their clients. Their solution helped Amazon’s datacenter in Mumbai reduce energy consumption, CO2 emissions, and improve the overall performance of the chilled water HVAC system.