Case Studies

We at Ensavior Technologies Pvt Ltd are thrilled to recommend ourselves for the Tata Innovative award for offering the best solutions in Mumbai Metro. We have supplied PICV Control Valves (PICVs) with Failsafe Actuators. We believe that our FlowCon Failsafe actuators are a prime example of our commitment to customer delight in the Mumbai Metro industry. These actuators are designed to provide safe and reliable operation even in the event of a power failure, and their ability to be customized to specific project requirements makes them a perfect solution for the Mumbai Metro. Additionally, the visual indicators on the actuator make it easy for our customers to monitor its status and troubleshoot any issues. Our actuators have been used in several projects in Mumbai Metro, and we have received positive feedback from our customers regarding their performance and ease of use. This, along with our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, make us a strong candidate for the Tata Innovative award in the category of customer delight. We believe that our product and services are the best in the industry, and we are confident that we can continue to delight our customers with our cutting-edge solutions.

Our Flowcon Control Valves (PICVs) with Failsafe Actuators product solution has revolutionized the way the metro system operates, significantly by increasing its energy efficiency while reducing costs. provided the most energy-efficient solution to Mumbai Metro which is a notable accomplishment and is deserving of recognition. The use of FlowCon’ s PICV technology, which is known for its ability to improve the efficiency of HVAC systems, reduced energy consumption, and ensured safe and reliable operation, is likely to have made a significant impact on the overall performance and energy efficiency of the project. Additionally, the fact that the solution is being used in such a prestigious project as the Mumbai Metro highlights the high-quality and reliability of Ensavior Technologies Pvt. Ltd.’s products and services. It is a great achievement for the company.

The PICVs with Failsafe Actuators have solved a number of problems for the Mumbai Metro, including improving the overall efficiency of the HVAC system, reducing energy consumption, and ensuring safe and reliable operation. Additionally, the PICVs with Failsafe Actuators are designed to provide precise control of the system, which helps to ensure a comfortable and safe environment for passengers.

We have achieved this by providing the following solutions:

  1. FlowCon Failsafe actuators are designed to automatically open or close a PIBCV (Pressure Independent Balancing and Control Valve) in the event of a power failure. This is achieved through the use of a built-in capacitor or battery, which provides the necessary power to operate the actuator even when the main power supply is unavailable. This feature ensured that the PIBCV remains in a safe and controlled position during power outages, helping to prevent damage or other issues.
  2. The settings for fully closing and opening the actuator can typically be configured on site, depending on the specific project or site requirements. This allows for flexibility and customization, so that the actuator can be configured to meet the specific needs of the installation. The settings can be adjusted using the actuator’s control interface or through a connected building management system (BMS).
  3. The FlowCon Failsafe actuator is first powered on, the built-in capacitor or battery will initiate charging. This charging process is necessary to ensure that the actuator has sufficient power to operate in the event of a power failure. Once the charging process is complete, the actuator will typically enter a calibration mode. During this mode, the actuator will be configured to match the specific settings for the installation, such as the fully open or closed positions. Once the calibration is complete, the actuator will proceed to normal operation mode. This process ensures that the actuator is fully charged and properly configured before it begins normal operation, helping to ensure safe and reliable operation.
  4. FlowCon Failsafe actuators typically include visual indicators such as LED lights or LCD displays to indicate the different modes of operation. These indicators can be used to provide information about the charging status of the capacitor or battery, the status of the calibration process, and the current operating mode of the actuator. For example, LED light may blink during charging mode, once it is fully charged light stops blinking and stay on, indicating the charging process is completed. Similarly, during the calibration process, the LED light may blink in a different pattern, or the LCD display may show a specific message indicating that the actuator is in calibration mode. Once the calibration is complete, the LED light or the LCD display will indicate that the actuator is in normal operation mode. This allows for easy monitoring and troubleshooting of the actuator, helping to ensure safe and reliable operation.