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Bhama Shah Data Centre located in Jhalana Doongri location at Jaipur happens to be India’s biggest government-owned, operated, controlled, and managed Tier 4 data centre. It is the only Tier 4 data centre launched by a state government which is Uptime Certified. It is a green data centre certified by Green Building Rating Systems.

Ensavior has supplied Stratified Chilled Water Thermal Energy Storage Tanks for the Data Centre in which the purpose is to provide emergency back up chilled water supply at the event of power outage to prevent server damage and billions of data loss during chiller downtime and compensate for the cooling shortfall. These Stratified Tanks are Pressurized, Insulated and with all necessary support structure and more importantly U-Stamped which sets the highest standard of design, engineering, manufacturing and testing. They are designed for 5 minutes back up period and were found to exceed the performance requirements during commissioning.

TES Configuration:
Peak Load : 2900 TR
Back-up Period : 5 minutes
Storage Capacity : 2 X 117 TRH
Maximum Flow Rate : 302.4 m³/Hr
Tank Size : Ø 3.4 x H 6.0 m
Number of Tanks : 2 Nos.
Tank Type : Carbon Steel, Pressurized.

Carbon Steel, Pressurized.