Electrolytic Scale Treatment (EST)

The cooling towers are used the processes and cooling of the machine in many industries, and air conditioning of buildings etc. If water in the cooling tower is contaminated, the efficiency of the cooling tower will be worsened, which results in higher operating cost. If not filtered, may develop deposits (scale, corrosion, bio-fouling and biological activity) on internal surface within the cooling tower and connecting components (heat exchangers, chiller tubes, piping system and more), negatively impacting performance.

Filtration is an essential requirement to remove contaminants o prevent system degradation.
Electrolytic Scale Treatment (EST) system, that helps remove scale by electrolytic operation without adding chemicals (Zero Chemical). By applying electrical power between the anode and the cathode, a chemical reaction is activated, and electrolysis process takes place.

Water from the cooling tower basin is circulated through the electrochemical scale treatment reactor tank. Due to the electrolysis process, the dissolved salt molecules get deposited on the cathode and the water returns to the cooling tower. Oxidants generated mitigate corrosion, biofouling, micro-organism growth and scaling and spread of bacteria.

The system is connected exterior to cooling tower thus no intervention to cooling tower circuit is required. It improves the heat transfer efficiency of cooling tower, chillers, heat exchanger etc. in water loop circuit. This results in reduced electricity consumption and energy saving.

Additional savings
on chemical cost and labour cost. This green technology reduces makeup water requirement to replenish the blowdown water. Water can be re-used for gardening without further treatment as chemical contamination is not there in the blow down. Thus, saving the precious water resource.

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