Case Studies


GIFT City District Cooling Plant, Gandhinagar


ETA Engineering Private Limited

Project Description:
GIFT City is India’s first globally benchmarked International finance service centre (IFSC), developed by the Government of Gujarat through a joint venture company named Gujarat International Finance Tec-City Company Limited. GIFT City is a global financial and IT services hub, a first of its kind in India, designed to be at par with or above globally benchmarked
financial centres such as Shanghai, La Defense – Paris, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, etc. It is being developed on 886 acres (359 hectares) of land comprising of a multi services
Special Economic Zone (SEZ) with IFSC and a domestic finance centre.

Presently, the Phase-1 (stage-1) plant installed at DCP-1 has a capacity of 10,000 TR. The plant building for DCP-1 has been constructed with special emphasis on the requirement of  installation, operation and maintenance space for all equipment. It is a two storey building. The ground floor area, being used for chillers, secondary pumps, TES pumps, HT and LT electrical
rooms, has a height of 8 meters. The first floor area, being used for primary pumps, condenser pumps, BMS (control) room and PLC panels, has a height of 4 meters. Cooling towers with RCC basins are mounted at terrace level. The current plant building can accommodate DCS equipment for 20,000 TR capacity, whereas the equipment installed is for 10,000 TR.

The salient features of various equipment are listed below.

Ensavior has supplied Stratified Chilled Water Thermal Energy Storage System for this District Cooling Plant in which the purpose is to down size the chiller capacity and yet enable
expansion of the Chilled Water plant to cater to full load. The TES Tank is Stratified and Open Type, Insulated and with all necessary support structure. They are designed for 10000
TRH Storage capacity and designed to supply cooling for long hours.

TES Configuration:
Peak Load : 2500 TR
Load Shaving : 2500 TR
Storage Capacity : 10000 TRH
Maximum Flow Rate : 285 m³/Hr
Tank Size : Ø 20 x H 13.0 m
Number of Tanks : 1 No.
Tank Type : MS, Non - Pressurized.