Carbon Dioxide CO2 & Temperature

Principle Of Operation


  1. BACnet® or ModBus Communication
  2. BTL Listed (B-ASC)
  3. Optional RH and/or Temperature
  4. Optional Setpoint and/or Override
  5. Space, Duct & Outside Models
  6. 2 Available Ranges
  7. CO2, Temperature Outputs
  8. Optional Slidepot and/or Override
  9. Optional On-board Relay
  10. Optional LCD Display
  11. Custom Logos Available
  12. Wall or duct models
  13. Setup/calibration fully menu driven
  14. Electrochemical sensing element
  15. Field-selectable ranges of 0-100, 150, 300, 400 or 500 PPM
  16. LCD for displaying PPM level and menu options
  17. Built-in test switch and ¬field adjustable alarm buzzer
  18. Powered by either AC or DC source
  19. 3 Fi¬eld-selectable analog outputs linearized over full range
  20. Field replaceable calibrated sensor module
  21. Optional on-board relays with fi¬eld adjustable trip point
  22. BACnet or Modbus Communications

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