Chilled Water Thermal Storage Systems

FTEnEKorea, an ISO-900~ and ISO-~400~ company, is engaged in design and promotion of Thermal Energy Storage Systems (both Ice and Water based) with special focus on Chilled Water Thermal Energy Storage System (CWTES). This system utilizes only the sensible heat of water for cooling energy storage in a chilled water storage tank and discharges the stored coldness for air-conditioning during the on-peak time.

The key technology of CWStorage system is the diffuser design which ensures thermal stratification of chilled water and warm water by density difference. FTEnE’s technology is the state of the art technology which is recommended in ASHRAE’s design guide. They have a long history of installation around the world including U.S.A., Japan, Korea and middle-east Asia.

Some key features of Chilled Water-Thermal Energy Storage Cooling:

  1. Stand alone model
  2. Remote probe model
  3. Conductivity cable model available in various lengths
  4. Fail-safe circuitry
  5. Reverse acting contacts
  6. Reverse voltage protection

EnE Ice - Bon Plus

  1. The high IPF(Ice Packing Factor), can be achieved by mixing different size ice balls (Ice-Bon : larger & Ice-son : smaller).
    We named “Ice-Bon Plus Efor" this mixed system. With high IPF, installation area can be reduced by 20% and also increases the heat exchange surface area and instant discharging rate of cooling energy.
  2. Proprietary technology to ensure even-distributed flow minimizes the dead space in the TES tank and maximizes the instant discharging rate of cooling energy.

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