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युवा महोत्सव-2023 

We are thrilled to present the incredible moments and insights from the recent Yuva Mahotsav, where our distinguished MD, Mr. Dinesh Semwal, graced the stage as a keynote speaker. This event was nothing short of a grandeur, with the presence of Chief Minister Pushkar Dhami and Cabinet Minister Subodh Uniyal as honored guests.

Mr. Semwal's address illuminated the potential of the youth in Uttarakhand, emphasizing the state's relentless commitment to guiding them towards excellence. He shared invaluable wisdom with the young minds, delving into the entrepreneurial journey, and highlighting the significance of attitude and mindset over personal accomplishments.

This extraordinary event was a collaborative effort, thanks to the Government of Uttarakhand, the Kaushal Vikas Department, and the Department of Technical Education Uttarakhand. 🤝

For a deeper dive into this remarkable event, feel free to explore further through the link provided.👇👇