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Celebrating a Remarkable Collaboration in Pune!

On the 13th of September 2023, Pune witnessed a groundbreaking collaboration that brought together visionaries in the field of sustainability. ISHRAE Pune Chapter and IGBC Pune Chapter, in partnership with #Ensavior and #Arklite, orchestrated an inspiring event at PYC Gymkhana, Deccan, Pune, on the themes of 'Energy Efficiency, Fresh Air, Sustainability, and Decarbonization.'

The event featured Mr. Ashish Rakheja, National Technical Chair at IGBC, as the Keynote speaker, along with Mr. Hrishikesh Manjrekar, Executive Director at Amar Builders, and Ms. Amruta Katpelwar from IGBC Secretariat Hyderabad. An engaging panel discussion, skillfully moderated by Dr. Poorva Keskar, delved into innovative strategies for reducing carbon emissions and enhancing energy efficiency. The discussions revolved around the indispensable role of green building practices and sustainable designs in achieving our decarbonization goals.

Our event addressed pressing concerns such as indoor air quality, climate change, and sustainable practices within the built environment. We were privileged to have experts of the calibre of Ms. Ambily Menon from Ensavior, Dr. Avinash from Arklite , Mr. Marc Techen, Managing Director at Flowcon, Mr. Vivek Joshi from Flowcon, and Mr. Shankkar and Mr. Anant from Ensavior, presenting the latest technologies and best practices in the field. By uniting experts, professionals, and industry stakeholders, our event ignited meaningful conversations, shared invaluable knowledge, and fostered collaboration, all geared towards realizing a healthier and more sustainable future.

Join us in celebrating this remarkable synergy as we collectively work towards a greener, more sustainable future! 🌍🏗