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Interactive Workshop at Rajasthan

🌟 Amazing Experience of conducting the most interactive workshop at Rajasthan ! 🌟

Just had the most unforgettable time at our workshop on thermal storage applications in buildings for decarbonisation! 🏢💚 The event was a huge success and the level of interaction was simply mind-blowing! 👏 It was truly an honor to speak in front of such eminent guests who share our passion for sustainable energy solutions.

Hats off to our incredible team whose technical presentation on thermal energy storage and its impact on decarbonising was nothing short of brilliant! 🙌 Their expertise and enthusiasm made the seminar even more enlightening and inspiring.

A special shout-out to Dr Shivraj Dhaka for being an exceptional host and making this seminar such a wonderful and insightful experience! 🙏 Thank you for bringing together like-minded individuals to pave the way for a greener future. Let's keep pushing the boundaries for a sustainable world! 🌍💫