Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP)

Principle Of Operation

Contaminated air to be cleaned from the process is drawn into the system by fan/blower through a washable metal mesh pre-filter which traps large size contaminants, then it passes through lonizer-Collector Cells.

Ionizing – Collector Cells comprise of two parts, one is lonizer section and the other is Collection section. Contaminated air first passes through lonizer section wherein ionizers (tungsten wire or SS spiked blades) which are supplied with6/12KV DC voltage createsa high intensity field where the particulate matter in the air becomes electrically positively charged.

These positively charged particles then pass through a collector plate section made up of a series of equally spaced parallel plates.Each alternate plate is charged with 6KV DC the same polarity as the particles, which repel, while the interleaving plates are grounded, which attract andcollect.

Periodically, the ionizer-collector cells, pre-filtersand post-filters are removed for periodic cleaning of the contaminants.

The system removes extremely small particulate matter from the air stream with relatively no resistance to air flow, due to the open area of the collecting elements. Low resistance is maintained from start to the completion of the collection cycle. Unit operates in thehigher efficiency collection range, upward of 90-95% DOP Method on particles ranging in size from 10 microns down to 0.01 microns in size.

Add On

  • Activated Carbon Filters
  • Ozone forming UVLamps

It can also be provided with the units as per requirement for light odour abatement.

Model CMH
ELX – 1 3500
ELX – 2 7000
ELX – 3 10500
ELX – 4 14000
ELX – 5 17500

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