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ST Telemedia Data Centre, Bangalore


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Project Description:
STT Chennai offers a wide array of effective and energy-efficient colocation solutions, connectivity, and business support services to meet the rise in demand from industries and businesses. It is among the oldest Colocation provider in India. Its operational experience ensures STT delivers what it signs-up with customers. Entire DC’s are either Tier 3 or Tier 4 rated by TIA 942 (not some particular floor/s or pods). It caters to the largest number of Co-located customers in India across all industry verticals with long term  contracts/extensions based on high quality services delivered. It demonstrates a dense presence of CSP, IX, CDN, International and National Carriers ensure choice of ISP to  customers.

Ensavior has supplied Stratified Chilled Water Thermal Energy Storage Tanks for the Data Centre in which the purpose is to provide emergency back up chilled water supply at the event of power outage to prevent server damage and billions of data loss during chiller downtime and compensate for the cooling shortfall. These Stratified Tanks are Pressurized, Insulated and with all necessary support structure. They are designed for 5.5 minutes back up period and were found to exceed the performance requirements during commissioning. This was a retrofit job in which Ensavior after conducting a site survey designed and built the TES Tanks.

TES Configuration:
Peak Load : 4200 TR
Back-up Period : 5.5 minutes
Storage Capacity : 4 X 96.3 TRH
Maximum Flow Rate : 529.2 m³/Hr
Tank Size : Ø 4.9 x H 6.3 m
Number of Tanks : 4 Nos.
Tank Type : Carbon Steel, Pressurized.

Carbon Steel, Pressurized.