Automatic Balancing Valve

  1. Pressure rating: 3400 kPa/493 psi
  2. Flow rate range: 0.883-2286.9 l/sec
  3. -Body tappings: 1/4″ NPT
  4. End connections:
    Size 100-250mm and 350-1000mm: EN1092-1,PN25+300mm:EN1092-1, PN40+4″-8″ and 12″-18″:NSI B 16.5 150lb class flanges+10″ and 20″-24″:ANSI B 16.5300lb class flanges+30″:ANSI B 16.47 300lb class flanges+32″-40″:ANSI B 16.47 150lb class flanges+
    Flanges are not supplied by flowcon.
    Studs and nuts are available upon request

The FlowCon K series is designed as a constant flow valve which maintains a specific flow rate independent of pressure fluctuations within a hydronic heating or cooling system. FlowCon K is primarily designed for use in terminal balancing.

The flow rate for the application is selected and FlowCon K does the rest, eliminating time consuming and costly manual balancing. Whether the application is air conditioning or heating, terminal unit, or branch balancing, constant or modulating flow, the FlowCon K is the most accurate yet flexible way of balancing any hydronic system completely automatic.