Stratified Thermal Energy Storage (Sensible Heat Storage)

'Stratified Chilled Water Thermal Energy Storage System’, is our special focus product befitting the applications stated above, be it industrial or commercial. Stratified CHW TES utilizes the sensible heat of water for storing the cooling energy in a chilled water storage tank and discharges the stored coldness for air-conditioning during power outage or as and when load shifting is required in district cooling plants.

The key technology of CHW Storage system is the radial diffuser design which ensures thermal stratification of chilled water and warm water by density difference. It is our state-of-the-art technology which is recommended in ASHRAE’s Design Guide for Cool Thermal Storage Systems. Ensavior is a complete package when it comes to designing and manufacturing of radial disk type diffusers. We possess inhouse design & development team with systematic production set up and a resourceful production team for manufacturing our original equipment including radial disk diffusers.

Application: Data Centre, District Cooling Plants, Process Plants, Turbine Air Cooling, etc.

Benefits & Features:

  1. Instant Discharge to the load when used for emergency chilled water supply in mission critical facilities.
  2. Easy retrofitting expansion to the existing HVAC system
  3. Chilled Water TES systems utilize normal evaporator temperatures.
  4. High and Quick response to the cooling load due to common fluid throughout the circuit.
  5. Full thermal stratification maintains chilled water temperature differential, maintaining chiller loading and efficiencies.
  6. CHW TES have the capacity to store higher cooling capacity with lower storage temperatures.
  7. Easy and simple configuration and controls
  8. Shift energy consumption to off-peak hours, hence manage the on-peak demand.

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