AHU Cooling Coils

This is a UVGI (Ultra Violet Germicidal Irradiation) System to be installed in Air Handling Units of HVAC. The reason for installing it is to overcome the following usual problems encountered with Air conditioning and Refrigeration Systems, commissioned without any UVGI.

Increasing Electricity Consumption:
The condensation of moisture around the cooling coils creates growth of algae, mold, mildue, bacteria and viruses. Thus reducing the heat transfer efficiency and air flow of the AHU which in turn increases the power consumption.

Deteriorating Indoor Air Quality (IAQ):
The contamination of the air while passing over the coil and contamination from the work place, deteriorates the IAQ leading to Sick Building Syndrome and increased sickness of the inhabitants of the building. In case of cold storages, it leads to contamination and deterioration of food products.

Increased Operation & Maintenance Cost:
As a result of contamination of coils, difficulties are experienced to maintain clean and contamination free air passage.

For Ducts

We also supply Ultra Violet (UV) based product designed for original fitment or retrofitting in ducts usually for the purpose of eliminating bad odours of Kitchen Exhaust, Toilet Exhausts, Sewage Treatment Plant etc.This product finds a wide application and acceptance in Hotels and Hospitality Industry as well as for Hospitals and Industrial Canteens, Public Toilets etc.

How does the it work?
Bad odours are largely caused by Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s). The UV lamps used in this are very Special and capable of producing ozone by a photochemical reaction, along with normal germicidal 254nm UV light.

Ozone oxidizes VOCs and converts them into traces of water and carbon dioxide, while 254nm UV kills bacteria and other microbes. Thus ozone destroys odours and 254nm UV disinfects the air.

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