Automatic Tube Cleaning System (ATCS)

ATCS is an innovative technology that provides online solution to mitigate fouling and scales deposits on heat exchanger surface that reduces heat transfer efficiency. The system can effectively keep the tubes free from fouling while the chiller is in operation. As a result, chillers operate at maximum efficiency. The system can be used to maintain heat transfer efficiency relevant for water cooled chillers, commercial HVAC System, cooling towers, industries, commercial buildings etc.

The technology uses sponge balls, which are periodically injected into the chiller condenser tube with system flow rate to remove debris, residue, or any deposits before any fouling results. Thus, providing continuous tube cleaning while the chiller is in operation. The system is fully automatic consisting of a common skid with factory mounted controllers that can clean multiple condensers (up to maximum 5) successively.

The system is easy and simple to installed on standby condenser / chillers while those working can continue to be in operation with no water drainage from the circuit.

The ATCS system provides environment friendly solution as no chemicals are used. The chillers heat transfer performance is optimised leading to lower energy consumption with subsequent reduction in operational cost.

The condenser tubes are continuously cleaned while the chiller is operating thus, eliminates downtime and maintenance cost with chemical / offline cleaning. The condenser tubes corrosion is eliminated which extends equipment’s life. The sponge balls are the only consumables in the system that needs to be replaced reducing system operating cost.

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