Horizontal Split Case Pumps

Xylem Horizontal Split Casing pumps has innovative design, and has industry standard which comes in long coupled, base mounted, single stage, double suction, horizontally split case design, in cast iron bronze fitted construction specifically designed and guaranteed for quiet operation
With the best in class internally self flushing seal design, as much as 25% of the total pump flow continuously flushes the seal faces compared to only a few GPM for conventional stuffing box mounted mechanical seals. Seals remain cooler and unwanted debris is flushed away from the mechanical seal faces resulting in longer mechanical seal life.

Model Series- e-HSC, HS3
Applications- Chilled Water Circuits, District Cooling , Industrial Process

Applications- Chilled Water Circuits, District Cooling , Industrial Process Applications


  1. Longer running life because a shorter shaft that reduces vibrations, this pump can run up to 3 times as long (100,000 hours within the preferred operating range) before the bearings need to be changed.
  2. More powerful with a flow rate of up to 26,600 gpm Xylem HSC Pumps can easily handle large capacity systems and higher head.
  3. More efficient with each model has been optimized to balance efficiency and suction head requirements, and the completeness of the range means that there is a pump for every flow requirement within 10% of BEP.

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