End Suction Short Coupled Pumps

The new Bell & Gossett Series 1532 space-saving, close-coupled, end suction pump with footed volute has been designed to offer the highest overall efficiencies in the market for HVAC and plumbing applications. With the largest “Efficiency Island” compared to other similar pumps, the e-1532 reduces electricity consumption, improves overall system performance and lowers life cycle costs.

This new and extensive product line enables users to maintain significantly higher levels of efficiency over a much wider range of operating conditions

Hydronic heating and cooling systems, general service, cooling towers and industrial uses.


  1. ISO G6.3 balanced Stainless Steel impellers for vibration-free, improved, sustainable hydraulic performance, reduced corrosion potential, and application flexibility.
  2. Footed Volute maintains positioning during service and operation
  3. Back pullout design for ease of maintenance
  4. Internally Self-flushing mechanical seals
  5. Stainless steel shaft sleeve
  6. Heavy duty cast iron volute construction for 175 PSI working pressure
  7. Jacking bolts for ease of volute disassembly
  8. Gauge tapings

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