End Suction Long Coupled Pumps

Xylem End Suction pumps construction is relatively simple as is the operation. It can range from tiny flows and pressures to huge flows and moderate pressures. The most common materials used are cast iron, bronze and stainless steel. End suction pumps are usually designed as a back pull-out pump with a spacer coupling which facilitates maintenance without disturbing the alignment with the motor. Hence, they save on space and eliminate the need for motor alignment.

An end-suction centrifugal pump can be long coupled (separate coupling & motor) or close coupled (where the motor is in the same unit with the pump) often referred to as a Monobloc

Model Series- 1510,1532, e-NSCF, e-1610, e-1510

Applications- Chilled Water Circuits, Condenser Water Pumps, Industrial Pumps


  1. True back pullout design for fast, simple, and cost-effective seal maintenance without moving the motor.
  2. Available in various MOC depending on the different fluids and applications
  3. Integrally cast volute foot provides rigid, stationary support to maintain pump alignment even during maintenance.
  4. Centre drop out spacer coupling supplied as standard. Provides for bearing frame removal without pump or motor movement. Original alignment is maintained.
  5. Fabricated heavy-duty base plate supplied as standard. Includes closed ends and open top to provide ease of access for complete grouting.
  6. Tangential Flow Design which provides less frictional losses and better hydraulic efficiencies.

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