Vertical Inline Split Coupled Pumps

Xylem Vertical Inline is highly efficient, close coupled or long coupled vertical inline centrifugal pump that provides efficient pumping across the widest range of operational conditions.

The most common materials used are cast iron for the Volute Casing, bronze and stainless steel for the closed impeller and Stainless steel Shaft.It features Easy installation and Service with Patented Shaft Jacking coupling design to simplify maintenance. This allows one service man to replace the mechanical seal without the need for an additional person to lift the shaft during pump assembly.
Applications- Chilled Water Circuits, Condenser Water Pumps, Industrial Pumps

Model Series- e-80SC, GLC , e-LNE


  1. Flow rates upto 800cmh and Maximum Head upto- 160m
  2. Can handle maximum Temperature upto 120 deg C
  3. Maximum Pressure upto 250 psi
  4. Compact Rotating unitized mechanical seal for easy seal replacement. Features metal to metal drive system that reduces torsional stress
  5. Motor mounted Variable speed drives option available
  6. Split-Coupled to allow the servicing of the seal without disturbing the pump or motor.
  7. Sensored or Sensorless Control Capability (Optional).
  8. Each pump is factory tested per Hydraulic Institute standards.

Best in Class motor performance with IE3 and IE4 ratings

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