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Temperature Control valves are actuated control valves and are available on the market with or without added dynamic flow control. Both types are common in heating as well as cooling applications and assist in the aim of accurate temperature control. Choice of actuator can be either thermal or electrical depending on the application and one’s budget.
FlowCon offers both temperature control valve types. One type is a combined dynamic balancing and temperature control solution and the other is a temperature control solution with equal percentage control. Both are cost-effective solutions for any HVAC application offering accurate control, flexibility and easy service.

The balancing and temperature control valves combine the control function and the dynamic balancing function in one unit.
• Control
Commonly, this valve type is fitted with a thermal ON/OFF actuator. Hence, the control function of the valve, as with any other ON/OFF 2-port control valve, allows design flow (100% load) or closed valve (0% load). By controlling the flow rate using full stroke based on room occupancy, energy consumption is optimized.

It is also possible to fit an electrical modulating actuator with this type.

• Balancing
The key to the optimal solution is to choose a real dynamic balancing valve and with the simple and tamper-proof all stainless-steel insert, design flow is obtained independent of system pressure changes. The balancing unit also allows accessible for easy change out, service or maintenance.
Temperature Control Valve

EVS valves are used with thermal actuators, which are available either as ON/OFF or modulation.

Application Example
Chilled ceilings with Temperature Control Valves (TCV) - ON/OFF Control

Balanced and Actuated Temperature Control
The FlowCon EVS is a combi valve including temperature control and automatic balancing in a single unit. The valve will provide ON/OFF or analog temperature control and self-balancing flow control for use with fan coil units in air-conditioning and cooling ceilings or as zone valves in heating systems. The FlowCon EVS itself is a plug-in module and the regulation unit is a unique single-flow stainless steel insert. The actuator commonly used is a thermal normally closed type.


  1. Automatic and Dynamic balancing – required max. flow is achieved and maintained.
  2. 100% pressure independent - providing the correct flow while compensating for pressure fluctuations in the system.
  3. Reliable, robust and tamper-proof pre-set stainless-steel insert with few moving parts – wide range of flow rates available.
  4. Thermal actuator with built-in failsafe function.
  5. High accuracy of ±5%.

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