Variable Speed Pump Controller

The Technologic 3500’s modular design adds unlimited flexibility as it incorporates years of Bell &
Gossett engineering development and programming into a state of the art control system designed
exclusively for pump applications. Controller functionalities is suitable for Primary Variable flow

The Technologic 3500 pump controller is designed to provide optimum performance, reliability and energy savings. Receiving sensor inputs, staging pumps, controlling VFD speed and monitoring the motor performance to meet system demands are the overall functions of the pump controller.

Applications- Primary Variable Systems, Secondary Variable Systems, Cooling Tower Circuits


  1. Control up to six pumps in parallel
  2. Modular design promotes unlimited flexibility
  3. Suitable for HVAC primary (parallel & dedicated pumping) and secondary applications
  4. Available in IP55 wall mounted option.
  5. BMS Compatibility over various protocols

Technologic PPS parallel pump controller allows you to set up a parallel pumping system – up to eight pumps – and optimize for efficiency. It comes with more standard features those other comparable systems such as color touch screen, real time display of control and system curve and the Bell and Gossett entire pump library inside. It can be used for retrofit and new installations, thanks to the ability of the controller to use either sensored or sensorless input.

Applications- Variable Pumping Speed System for chillers.


  1. Achieve greater system efficiency with sensorless control.
  2. Can be mounted on pump motor to save the space.
  3. Intuitive touch screen that’s 40% larger.
  4. Most efficient hydraulic configuration using up to eight pumps in parallel operation.
  5. Large visual menu architecture make commissioning and service easy.
  6. Underwriters Laboratory Listed
  7. BMS Compatibility over various protocols

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