AHU Mounted UVGI System

Application of UVC is becoming increasingly frequent as concerns about indoor air quality increase. UVC is now used as an engineering control to interrupt the transmission of pathogenic organisms.

UVC lamp devices and systems are placed in Air-Handling Unit for the purpose of Air and Surface Disinfection. Control of bio-aerosols using UVC can improve indoor air quality (IAQ) and thus enhance occupant’s health, comfort, and productivity.

HVAC systems can promote the growth of bacteria and mold-containing biofilms on damp or wet surfaces such as cooling coils, drain pans, plenum walls, humidifiers, fans, energy recovery wheels, and filters. Locations in and down-stream of the cooling coil section are particularly susceptible because of condensation and carryover of moisture from coil fins. Cooling coil fouling by biofilms may increase coil pressure drop and reduce airflow and heat exchange efficiency and thus it may increase the electricity cost up to 10%. As airflow and coil performance degrades, so does the air quality in occupied spaces. This can result in more frequent manual chemical cleaning of Cooling coil and system shutdown therefore becoming the danger of exposure to microbes for maintenance workers and building occupants. Aluminium or other highly reflective material reflectors on the UVC lamps, can improve the overall reflectivity of the inside of the air handler and thereby reflecting UVC energy back into the cooling coil irradiated zone, thus increasing the effective UV dose to the pathogens and biofilm.

AHU Mounted UVGI System keeps the Cooling Coil surface clean, increases Heat exchanges efficiency, and thus is cost saving and protects the occupants from pathogens.

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