SteraAir Mini

Stera Air Mini is a wall hanged Air Purification unit made of UV-PCO Technology.

The product can be used to clean all kinds of Pathogens like Bacteria, Viruses, etc. It neutralises VOCs and odours in an enclosed air volume around 2000- 3000 cubic feet. This can be used in Office chambers, cabins, shops, cafeteria, Restaurant, Household and Public Utility Places, Washrooms and in living room which is poorly ventilated, and risk of cross infection is high. The unit is portable and requires just to be hanged on a wall. Just plug into an appropriate power source. During operation, air is drawn into the system through the opening, located around the front bottom of the unit.

The air passes into the system through a metal mess prefilter where larger size particles are trapped, then to an exposure chamber where it is irradiated by UV-PCO system. Here photo catalytic reaction happens. Hydroxyl radicals are produced which are highly chemically reactive in nature and react with VOCs, odours, bacteria, viruses, other pathogens and neutralise them. The clean, sanitised air comes out of top of vent of the unit.

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