Stera Shield a wall mounted upper Air Room UVGI System made for inactivating Biological harmful Air Contaminants and thus to make the occupancy area pathogen free to remain safe and healthy. This has been developed for Hospitals, Hospitality Sector, Educational Sector, Industrial Sector, Commercial and residential spaces. The most widely used application of UVGI is in the form of passive upper room fixtures containing UVGI lamps that provide a horizontal layer of UV energy field above the occupied zone. The device consists of a UV-C lamps mounted in a specially designed reflector assembly which is mounted on wall to create a UVC beam directed towards the ceiling. Natural convective air currents in the room take microbes to upper level which are effectively eliminated by the germicidal action of UV-C. It is very helpful to the patients and even more to the health care workers.

It is the effective control system against secondary air borne infection, including drug resistant works 24/7 without affecting occupants of the space and is cost effective too. It does not require any air-conditioning/ventilation system. No secondary contaminants are produced. This is a maintenance free system.

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