Variable Speed Booster (Multiple VFD) New

The Xylem GVS booster system is an intelligent pump system which is similar to GVFL Booster having independent VFD drives for each pump along with standalone controller which provides much more reliability to the system. In addition, the booster station maintains constant pressure even with the changing system demand. The GVS booster set range consists of 6 pumps that are assembled with all other required components.

Water Supply and Pressure Boosting, Commercial Buildings, Schools & Offices Water Supply, Public and private healthcare systems


  1. Motor Overload Protection -Turns motors off prior to the point of damaging electrical conditions.
  2. Flow Sensor -One analog input from a flow sensor to provide flow readout and end of curve protection.
  3. Friction losses compensation at lower flows.
  4. User friendly Quick Menu -Allows for easy commissioning by giving direct access to the parameters required for most pump applications.
  5. Automatic resetting of dry running fault System is automatically turned on once sufficient suction pressure is achieved.
  6. GVS is also available with Small Jockey Pump Arrangement Model-GVSJM
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